Minnehaha County Fire Chief's Association

The Minnehaha County Fire Chief’s Association was created in 1968 as an organization to combine the efforts of fire departments across the county. The Minnehaha County Fire Chief’s Association is made up of 13 volunteer, 1 career and 3 public service organizations. The Fire Chief’s Association has a rich history of working together to provide fire protection and rescue services to the resident’s of Minnehaha County.

Minnehaha County Fire Chief’s Association currently coordinates the initial fire service training for new members. We are also dedicated to providing ongoing training in a mutual aid setting throughout the year. The association has a dedicated training officer to assist the departments in finding and establishing training programs within their own department.

The association also has a burn prevention fund. The departments over the years have participated in numerous fundraisers to establish this fund. The association currently has its own fire prevention trailer that can be used by any of the member departments. There is also a fund to help with financial support to individuals undergoing burn treatment.

We want you to be part of this exciting organization by volunteering for a local fire department! Neighbors Helping Neighbors. That is what we are all about.

Minnehaha County Fire Chiefs Association