A passion for helping others

Volunteer Firefighters are the lifeblood of a community. What would happen the next time there’s an emergency, without them? Dusty Kiner was deployed to Iraq, but knew his family was in good hands in Brandon. That’s why he joined the department when he returned. “I wanted to give back to the community that helped my family while I was gone” says Kiner. And that theme of helping is the overwhelming reason why most firefighters volunteer their time. “It feels good to help people in their time of need, because we all know that sooner or later we’ll all need some kind of help” says Bruce Vollan of the Baltic Fire Department. Jon Siemonsma of the Renner Fire Department agrees, “It’s helping people…someone needs help and I can provide that for them, that’s a good satisfaction to have.”

There’s no question it’s an adrenaline rush when the pager goes off. “It’s the most adrenaline-rushing heart-pumping experience I’ll ever have” says Josh Schuette of the Crooks Fire Department. “When that pager goes off and your heart starts pumping, it’s a rush” says Troy Thompson of the Brandon Fire Department. For Mark Brenneman of the Hartford Fire Department, he enjoys the strong brotherhood that takes place as a result of standing side by side during dangerous times. “You want to know you’re going into a fire with someone you can trust.” “It’s a brotherhood, it’s being part of a family” says Lory Johansen of the Valley Springs Fire Department.

It all comes back to one main reason for volunteering, and that’s being there for your community. Kymberli Wagner of the Brandon Fire Department says, “Think if it was your loved one or you that needed help and nobody was there!” Pam Thorson of the Brandon Fire Department added, “Is there going to be someone there to help me or my family when the time comes? It’s crucial to have volunteers there to help.”

With your help, there will always be someone there. Become a volunteer firefighter. Neighbors helping neighbors!

Please watch our video series to hear from real people and experience their passion for helping others.

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